Agogo Agogo 1986

The strain was isolated from the urine of a jaundiced boy of 12 years old admitted to the Agogo Presbyterian Hospital, Ghana. (Hogerzeil et al., 1986). The paper mentions that the strain was typed in the RL in Amsterdam and considered to be a new serovar closely related to sentot, serogroup Djasiman. The serovar name agogo, with reference strain Agogo is proposed.
As the serovar was not published at the time of the TSC meeting in Manchester (1986) but known to be typed as a separate serovar by a RL, it was placed in the Annex of the Revised List of 1988. Since then it has been published and is therefore now removed from the Annex to the main list. Since no typing results are given in Hogerzeil's paper, it is marked by i.t. in the attached updated list.
i.t. Strains published without typing results or with incomplete typing results (i.t. means incomplete typing).
* Hogerzeil et al., 1986, Ref is unknown.
* TSC meeting, 1986, Manchester: Minutes. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 37, 1987, 472-473 .
* Kmety E., Dikken H. Revised List of Leptospira Serovars (accepted by the Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Leptospira). University Press Groningen, 1988, p. 16.

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AgogoF64 C72001-01-10:64-7.400.50add to cart
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AgogoF64 C81986-11-06:64-8.301.00add to cart
AgogoF69 C21985-04-12:69-212801.00add to cart
AgogoF69 C81987-04-24:69-8.301.00add to cart
AgogoF69 C141985-03-29:69-14.101.00add to cart
AgogoF69 C121985-04-05:69-12.1/12.251202.00add to cart