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The Leptospira Library has been set up in a way that relevant information on strains, serovars, serogroups and species can be found.

The use of the site is easy. Just enter it and try.

Here follows some general information on the use.

The tabs Leptospira strains, rabbit antisera, monoclonal antibodies and culture media bring you directly to the products and enable ordering.

  • Monoclonal antibodies are ranked according to increasing numbers in the code.
  • The pages for the strains and rabbit sera lead to a table. Strains and rabbit sera can be sorted alphabetically according to serovar, strain, species or serogroup. Subjects in these tables are cross-linked. You will be able to select the information that is linked to any of the subjects. Each page again enables ordering the items that you need.
  • Clicking the headings in the table leads you to a complete overview of the subject. Clicking on serogroups, will lead you to all strains and serovars ordered per serogroup, ranked in alphabetical order.
  • Clicking on a serovar name, you will find the information and references on this serovar as well as a table with monoclonal antibodies that are available for typing.
  • Clicking on a strain name, you will find information on the corresponding rabbit reference serum, a histogram of agglutination titers with the relevant monoclonal antibodies, country of origin and host from which the strain has been isolated.
  • When clicking on country or host names, you will find all strains that originate from this country or host.

It should be noted that this webpage is not complete, and never will be. It is intended as a flexible site that can accumulate existing and new data on Leptospira strains, serovars, serogroups and species. Your comments and suggestions for improvement will be highly appreciated. Please send these to