Celledoni Celledoni 1956

The strain was isolated in 1952 from the blood of a patient in North Queensland, Australia, by Smith et al. (1954) and described as a new serovar, named celledoni, reference strain Celledoni, by Broom and Smith (1956). It appears for the first time in the serovar list of 1959 (WHO, 1959) as representing a separate serogroup. The strain was submitted to factor analysis by Kmety (1963), which confirmed its serological status.
* Smith D.J.W., Brown H.E., Tonge J.I., Sinnamon C.N., MacDonald V.M., Ross C.J., Doherty R.L. The Serological Classification of 89 Strains of Leptospira from North Queensland including five Serotypes new to Australia. Aust. Ann. Med. 3, 2, 1954, 98-105.
* Broom J.C., Smith D.J.W. Leptospira celledoni a new leptospiral serotype. Lancet 12, 1956, 866-867.
* WHO: Joint WHO/FAO Expert Committee on Zoonoses. Wld. Hlth. Org. Techn. Rep. Ser. No. 169, Geneva 1959, p. 83.
* Kmety E. Factor analysis of Leptospira strains of the Javanica and Celledoni serogroups. J. Hyg. Epidem. Microbiol. Immun. (Prague) 7, 4, 1963, 225-239.

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