Schueffneri Vleermuis 90 C 1938

The strain was isolated in Indonesia from the brain of a species of a bat (Cynopterus) by Collier and Esseveld (1938), who described it as strain 90C, with agglutination characteristics different from other known strains. Collier and Mochtar (1939) denominated it "Leptospira Schüffneri".
The correct transcription of the name "schueffneri" appears firstly in 1959 (WHO, 1959). The strain was submitted to factor analysis and it was suggested that it should be placed in the subgroup Schueffneri (Kmety, 1967).
Collier W.A., Esseveld H. Over een leptospirastam uit de hersenen eener vleermuis. Med. Dienst Volksgez. Ned. Indie 27,1-2,1938, 262-267.
Collier W.A., Mochtar A. Een serologisch afwijkende leptospirastam uit de nier eener vleermuis. Geneesk. Tijdschr. Ned.- Ind. 79, 4, 1939, 226-231.
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