The serogroup Hurstbridge has first been described by Perolat et al., 1998 for a single serovar denoted Hurstbridge, strain BUT 6 of a new species L. fainei. In this library we have added (preliminary) L. licerasiae, strain VAR 010, serovar Varillal to this serogroup because of its single agglutination titer found with serovar Hurtsbridge. Besides, L. broomii, strain 5399 (serological characterization is lacking) has been added as a strain of serovar Hurstbridge, serogroup Hurtsbridge because of the initial confusion, and thus probable close relationship of 5399 with this serovar.

Perolat P, Chappel RJ, Adler B, Barranton G, Bulach DM, Billinghurst ML, Letocart M, Merein F, Serrano MS. Leptospira fainei sp. nov., isolated from pigs in Australia. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1998, 48, 851-858

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