Bratislava Jez Bratislava 1960

The strain was isolated in Czechoslovakia from the kidney of a hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus) in 1953 (Kmety, 1954). It was later submitted to factor analysis and described as a new serovar named bratislava (Kmety, 1960). In Dikken and Kmety's publication (1978) it is placed in the subgroup Jalna.
A footnote in the list of serotypes of 1967 (WHO, 1967) states that the nomenclature of this serovar is being examined further. Doubts concerning the naming of this serovar occurred because both names L. erinacei europei and L. esposito appeared in literature of 1954 (Ananyin), and 1955 (Smith and Brown) respectively, but neither publication contained a valid description of the serovar.
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Jez BratislavaF81 C32001-01-10:81-3.3204800.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF81 C52001-01-10:81-5.425600.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF81 C61997-10-28:81-6.4102400.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF81 C81998-10-03:81-8.525600.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF90 C41999-03-26:90-4.500.50add to cart
Jez BratislavaF90 C52000-01-27:90-5.600.50add to cart
Jez BratislavaF90 C81998-11-30:90-8.400.50add to cart
Jez BratislavaF90 C91997-10-28:90-9.56400.50add to cart
Jez BratislavaF90 C122000-01-27:90-12.412800.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF90 C61997-01-01:90-6.400.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF132 C71988-02-08:132-7.112802.00add to cart
Jez BratislavaF81 C12000-01-27:81-1.751200.50inquire
Jez BratislavaF132 C21988-02-02:132-2.102.00add to cart