Broomi Patane 1960

The strain was isolated from a patient in Australia in 1954 and later studied and described as a new serovar named broomi, ref. strain Patane (Addamiano et al., 1960). It appears in the list of 1965 (WHO, 1965) as a recognized serovar. The strain was submitted to factor analysis and it was suggested that it should be placed in the subgroup Canicola (Kmety, 1967).
* Addamiano L., Babudieri B., Smith D.J.W. Zwei neue zur Gruppe Leptospira Canicola gehörige Serotypen. Zbl. Bakt. I. AN. Orig. 180, 1960, 419-421.
* WHO: Classification on Leptospires and Recent Advances in Leptospirosis. Bull. Wld. Hlth. Org. 32, 5, 1965, 881-891.
* Kmety E. Faktoranalyse von Leptospiren der Icterohaemorrhagiae and einiger verwandter Serogruppen. Biologicke Prace, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Vyd. SAV Bratislava XIII, 3, 1967, p. 124.
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PataneF152 C12001-01-10:152-1.400.50add to cart
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PataneF152 C71999-03-26:152-7.400.50add to cart
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PataneF152 C131998-01-14:152-13.412800.50add to cart
PataneF152 C171999-03-26:152-17.400.50add to cart
PataneF152 C181998-01-14:152-18.400.50add to cart
PataneF152 C51997-01-10:152-5.300.50add to cart
PataneF152 C81993-03-31:152-8.302.00inquire
PataneF152 C141997-01-01:152-14.312800.50add to cart