Jalna Jalna 1960

The strain was isolated in Czechoslovakia from the kidney of a yellow-necked field mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) in 1953 (Kmety, 1954). It was later submitted to factor analysis and described as a new serovar named jalna, ref. strain Jalnu (Kmety, 1960). In Dikken and Kmety's publication it represents the subgroup Jalna (Dikken, Kmety, 1978).
* Kmety E. Jez prirodny rezervoar leptospir typu Australis? Cs. Epidem. 3, 1954, no. 1, 41-43.
* Kmety E. Contribution to the antigenic structure of Leptospira serotypes forming the Australis serogroup. J. Hyg. Epidem. Microbiol. Immun. (Prague) 4, 2, 1960, 171-174.
* Dikken H., Kmety E. Serological Typing Methods of Leptospires. Methods in Microbiol. vol. 11, 1978, 260-295
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JalnaF81 C32001-01-10:81-3.351200.50inquire
JalnaF81 C52001-01-10:81-5.425600.50add to cart
JalnaF81 C61997-10-28:81-6.4102400.50inquire
JalnaF81 C81998-10-03:81-8.56400.50inquire
JalnaF90 C41999-03-26:90-4.500.50add to cart
JalnaF90 C52000-01-27:90-5.600.50add to cart
JalnaF90 C81998-11-30:90-8.451200.50add to cart
JalnaF90 C122000-01-27:90-12.41600.50inquire
JalnaF90 C61997-01-01:90-6.43200.50inquire
JalnaF132 C71988-02-08:132-7.16402.00add to cart
JalnaF81 C12000-01-27:81-1.7102400.50inquire
JalnaF132 C21988-02-02:132-2.102.00add to cart