Pingchang 80-412 1984

The strain was isolated from the kidney of a frog (Rana nigromaculata) in 1980 in the county of Pingchang, Sichuan province of China and described as a new serovar of the Ranarum serogroup by workers of the Sichuan Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Station in 1984. The serovar status of this strain has been confirmed by a RL. Therefore the serovar is included in the attached updated list unconditionally.
* Sichuan Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Station et al: A new serotype of pathogenic Leptospira -Ranarum pingchang. Chinese J.Microbiol.Imm. 4, 4, 1984, 220-221.
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80-412F152 C71999-03-26:152-7.400.50add to cart
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80-412F152 C51997-01-10:152-5.300.50add to cart
80-412F152 C141997-01-01:152-14.300.50add to cart