Poi Poi 1942

The strain was isolated in 1941 by Mino (1942) from a patient suffering from leptospirosis in Italy and designated as Poi. By comparative serological studies Wolff (1953) found that the strain showed a strong serological relationship with Veldrat Batavia 46. Preliminary absorption tests proved the close affinity between those strains. The strain already appeared in the list of 1954 (Wolff and Broom) as a separate serovar. This was confirmed by Kmety (1963), who studied the strain by factor analysis.
* Mino P. Zur Epidemiologie der Leptospirosen. Klin. Wschr. 21, 15, 1942, 337-342.
* Wolff J.W. Serological classification of type strains of Leptospira. Advances in the Control of Zoonoses. WHO Monogr. Ser. No. 19, Geneva 1953, 139.
* Wolff J.W., Broom J.C. The Genus Leptospira Noguchi 1917, Problems of Classification and Suggested System Based on Antigenic Analysis. Doc. Med. Geogr. Trop. 6, 1954, 78-95.
* Kmety E. Factor analysis of Leptospira strains of the Javanica and Celledoni serogroups. J. Hyg. Epidem. Microbiol. Immun. (Prague) 7, 4, 1963, 225-239.
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