Pomona Pomona 1937

During an outbreak of seven-day fever occurring in a dairy-farming community near Pomona in North Queensland (Australia), Clayton et al. (1937), isolated this strain in 1936 from the blood of a patient. They found the strain antigenically distinct from other serovars known to them. Lumley (1937) and Johnson & Brown (1938) also compared the strain with other strains and confirmed the previous findings. Later Derrick (1942), after having studied 80 cases concluded that the strain Pomona represented a new serovar which he named pomona. The serovar is already quoted in the list of Wolff & Broom of 1954.
* Clayton G.E.B., Derrick E.H., Cilento R. The presence of leptospirosis of a mild type, seven day fever in Queensland. Med. J. Austr. 24, 1, 1937, 647-653.
* Lumley G.F.: Leptospirosis in Queensland: A serological investigation leading to the discovery of distinct serological groups of Leptospirae causing leptospirosis as it occurs in Northern Queensland, with some other related observations. Med. J. Austr. 24, 2, 1937, 654-664.
* Johnson D.W., Brown H.E. Mild leptospirosis in Southern Queensland: A classification of the infecting Leptospira and a report of eight further cases of the disease. Med. J. Austr. 25, 11, 1938, 805-816.
* Derrick E.H. Leptospira pomona. Med. J. Austr. 1, 1942, 431.
* Wolff J.W., Broom J.C. The Genus Leptospira Noguchi 1917, Problems of Classification and Suggested System Based on Antigenic Analysis. Doc. Med. Geogr. Trop. 6, 1954, 78-95.
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