Shermani 1342 K 1982

The strain was isolated from a spiny rat (Proechimys semispinosus) in the Panama Canal Zone by Gale and typed by Galton (WHO, 1967). The strain is listed in the 1967 WHO list as a separate serovar named shermani, reference strain LT 821, within the new serogroup Shermani. The isolation and description of the strain was first published in 1982 (Sulzer et al., 1982). In this publication the designation of the strain is given as 1342 K, which therefore takes priority over the laboratory code LT 821 as name for the reference strain.
* WHO: Current Problems in Leptospirosis Research. Wld. Hlth. Org. Tech. Rep. Ser. No. 380, Geneva 1967, p.32.
* Sulzer C.R., Pope V., Rogers F. New leptospiral serotypes (serovars) from the Western Hemisphere isolated during 1964 through 1970. Rev. Lat. Amer. Microbiol. 24, 1, 1982, 15-17.

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