Tropica CZ 299 1966

The strain was isolated in 1962 from the urine of a Spiny rat (Proechimys semispinosus) in the Panama Canal Zone by Gale et al. (1966), who described it as a new serovar designated tropica, ref. strain CZ 299. Results of factor analysis studies by Manev (1976) confirmed that tropica has a separate serovar status.
* Gale N.B., Alexander A.D., Evans L.B., Yager R.H., Metheney R.A. An outbreak of leptospirosis among U.S. army troops in the Canal Zone. II. Isolation and characterization of the isolates. Amer. J. Trop. Med. Hyg. 15, no. 1, 1966, 64-70.
* Manev H. Serological Characteristics of the Leptospira serogroup Pomona. I. Factor Analysis of the Reference Strains. Zbl. Bakt. Hyg. I. Abt. Orig. A 236, 1976, 316-322.
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CZ 299F43 C92001-01-10:43-9.76400.50add to cart
CZ 299F46 C92002-04-01:46-9.3102400.50add to cart
CZ 299F48 C11998-10-03:48-1.425600.50add to cart
CZ 299F48 C32002-04-01:48-3.412800.50add to cart
CZ 299F46 C22005-11-25:46-2.6400.50add to cart
CZ 299F58 C12002-04-01:58-1.412800.50add to cart
CZ 299F71 C22000-01-27:71-2.6200.50add to cart
CZ 299F71 C32002-04-01:71-3.400.50add to cart
CZ 299F71 C172001-01-10:71-17.700.50add to cart
CZ 299F48 C62001-01-10:48-6.551200.50add to cart
CZ 299F164 C12002-04-01:164-1.400.50add to cart
CZ 299F165 C32001-01-10:165-3.500.50add to cart
CZ 299F165 C82002-04-01:165-8.500.50add to cart
CZ 299F165 C122001-01-10:165-12.500.50add to cart
CZ 299F46 C51984-01-20:46-5.101.00inquire
CZ 299F46 C101984-01-20:46-10.1102401.00add to cart
CZ 299F61 C71984-11-22:61-7.1102401.00add to cart