Vanderhoedeni Kipod 179 1969

The strain was isolated from the kidney of a long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) in Israel and described as a new serovar named L. van der Hoeden, ref. strain Kipod 179 (van der Hoeden, Shenberg, Torten, 1969).
The strain was submitted to factor analysis by Kmety and Lataste-Dorolle (1973), who, on the basis of the results, proposed that the strain should be placed only provisionally within the serogroup Grippotyphosa, since it does not share any common main antigen with the other serovars of that group. The name of the serovar was changed into vanderhoedeni to accord to the IC.
* Hoeden T. van der, Shenberg E., Torten M. A new leptospiral serotype belonging to the serogroup Grippotyphosa. J. trop. Med. Hyg. 72, 7, 1969, 176-178.
* Kmety E., Lataste-Dorolle C. Analyse factorielle du serogroup leptospirien Grippotyphosa. Ann. Microbiol. (Inst. Pasteur) 124XB, 1973, 495-503.

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Kipod 179F71 C22000-01-27:71-2.66400.50add to cart
Kipod 179F71 C32002-04-01:71-3.4102400.50add to cart
Kipod 179F71 C92019-03-07:71-9.5400.50add to cart
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Kipod 179F164 C12002-04-01:164-1.4102400.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C11997-01-01:165-1.41600.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C22010-11-23:165-2.700.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C32001-01-10:165-3.5400.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C71997-01-01:165-7.525600.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C82002-04-01:165-8.53200.50add to cart
Kipod 179F165 C122001-01-10:165-12.5800.50add to cart