Yeonchon HM 3 1991

The strain HM 3 was isolated in 1985 from a patient in the Yeonchon area of Kyunggi Province, Korea (Park et al., 1986). The strain was submitted to cross-agglutinin absorption test, factor analysis, monoclonal antibodies, and restriction endonuclease analysis and described by Hee-Bok Oh et al. (1991) as a new serovar named yeonchon in the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup. Its serovar status has been confirmed by a RL. Therefore, the strain is included unconditionally in the attached updated serovar list.
* Park K.S., Oh H.B., Lee M.S., Seong W.K., Park M.I., Lee Y.W., Kim H.H. and Paik S.B. Isolation and Characterization of Leptospira interrogans in Korea. J. Korea Soc. Microbiol. 21, 1986, 331-336.
* Hee-Bok Oh, Woo-Hyum Chang, Min-Kee Cho, Won-Keun Seong, Kyung-Suk Park. Identification of New serovar yeonchon and hongchon belonging to Leptospira interrogans of the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup. J. Korean Soc. Microbiol. 3, 26, 1991, 253-262.
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HM 3F89 C31991-03-18:89-3.3102401.00inquire