Autumnalis Akiyami A 1925

During an investigation in September-October, 1922, in the Shizuoka Province of Japan, several leptospiral strains were isolated from blood samples taken from patients suffering from autumn fever (akiyami). Serological studies revealed that the strain designed Akiyami type A, could be differentiated from Icterohaemorrhagiae, Hebdomadis and a strain known as Akiyami type B (Koshima et al., 1925).
Comparative studies by Schüffner on strains Akiyami A and Rachmat indicated that strain Akiyami A is the complete biotype of Rachmat (Schüffner, 1939 and Gispen et al., 1939). In the list of 1959 (WHO, 1959) the serovar appears as Autumnalis "AB", but in the 1967 list (WHO, 1967), the serovar is named autumnalis, with reference strain Akiyami A.
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