Bataviae Swart 1926

Strain Swart was isolated in 1925 by Walch in Weltevreden near Jakarta, Indonesia, from the blood of a patient (Walch, 1926). Walch and Soesilo (1927) described the first serological experiments, which distinguished the strain from "Icterohaemorrhagiae and Baerman" (Pyrogenes). At that time no investigations were carried out with Hebdomadis and Autumnalis strains. The strain was named L. bataviae by Esseveld and Collier (1938). In 1932, another strain named van Tienen was isolated from a patient in Indonesia (Dinger, 1933). This strain was examined serologically by the MAT against strains "Icterohaemorrhagiae, Bindjei (Canicola), Bangkinang (Autumnalis) and Swart". High cross-agglutination reactions were noted only against Swart (Dinger, 1943).
Wolff (1954) believed that the original strain Swart (Walch) was lost. Consequently strain van Tienen became the reference strain and is first mentioned in the list of Wolff and Broom (1954). However at that time it was not realised that Mochtar had forwarded the strain Swart (Walch) on May 19, 1942, to Prof. Yamamoto, who kept it for many years. In 1976 he sent the strain to the Amsterdam laboratory. Investigations subsequently performed, confirmed the serological identity of the strains Swart and van Tienen (personal communication, Dikken).
Being earlier isolated and published, strain Swart takes priority over strain van Tienen. During the TSC meeting in Boston (1982) it was decided that strain Swart should replace strain van Tienen as the reference strain of serovar Bataviae.
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