Hongchon 18 R 1991

The strain 18 R was isolated in 1985 from a field mouse (Apodemus agrarius) in the Hongchon area, of the Kangwon Province of Korea. The strain was submitted to cross-agglutination absorption tests, factor analysis, monoclonal antibodies, and restriction endonuclease analysis and was described by Hee-Bok Oh et al. (1991) as a new serovar in the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup named hongchon. Its serovar status has been confirmed by a RL. Therefore, the strain is included unconditionally in the attached updated serovar list.
* Hee-Bok Oh, Woo-Hyum Chang, Min-Kee Cho, Won-Keun Seong, Kyung-Suk Park. Identification of New serovar yeonchon and hongchon belonging to Leptospira interrogans of the Icterohaemorrhagiae serogroup. J. Korean Soc. Microbiol. 3, 26, 1991, 253-262.

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18 RF12 C32012.12.24:12-3.1300.50add to cart
18 RF20 C31999-06-01:20-3.100.50add to cart
18 RF20 C42005-11-25:20-4.300.50inquire
18 RF52 C11999-06-01:52-1.400.50add to cart
18 RF52 C22005-11-25:52-2.400.50add to cart
18 RF70 C42000-01-27:70-4.500.50add to cart
18 RF70 C72019-11-03:70-7.143200.50add to cart
18 RF70 C132001-01-10:70-13.500.50add to cart
18 RF70 C142016-06-04:70-14.15800.50add to cart
18 RF70 C201999-06-01:70-20.400.50add to cart
18 RF70 C242007-06-12:70-24.2000.50add to cart
18 RF70 C262001-10-10:70-26.300.50add to cart
18 RF82 C12005-11-25:82-1.512800.50add to cart
18 RF82 C21995-06-01:82-2.36402.00inquire
18 RF82 C81989-10-25:82-8.43201.00inquire
18 RF89 C31991-03-18:89-3.301.00inquire