Lincang L 14 1981

The strain was isolated in 1977 by Chen Ming-hua from a patient in Lincang, Yunnan province, China. The strain was studied by Qin Jin-cal et al. (1981) in Beijing by factor analysis and found to represent a new serovar named lincang, reference strain L 14, in the Manhao serogroup. Because of controversial typing results the serovar is marked bij ++ in the Revised List of 1988 (Kmety & Dikken, 1988), and the attached updated list.
++ Strains which have given rise to controversial typing results but which were validly described.
* Qin Jin-cai, Chen Ming-hua, Xu Chun-Ian, Zhao Gui-fan. Factor Analysis of Leptospirae of "Manhao" serogroup and establishment of a new serotype – lincang. Chinese J. Microbiol. Immunol. l, 4, 1981, 256-259.
* Kmety E., Dikken H. Revised List of Leptospira Serovars (accepted by the Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of Leptospira). University Press Groningen, 1988, p. 16.
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