Mogdeni Compton 746 1987

The strain was isolated in England in 1977 from human sewage effluent (the liquid portion, which after aeration is allowed to drain into the waterways) by the staff of the Microbiol. Dep. of the Inst. for Research in Animal Diseases at Compton-Berkshire (Cinco et al, 1980). It was found to be closely related to strains within the Tarassovi serogroup and described as a new serovar named mogdeni, reference strain Compton 746 (Coghlan et al, 1987).
* Cinco M., Coghlan J.D., Matthews P.R.J. Isolation and classification of sixteen strains of saprophylic leptospires. J. Hyg. 84, 1980, 173-179.
* Coghlan J.D., Kmety E. A new serovar mogdeni of serogroup Tarassovi of Leptospira interrogans isolated from a Sewage plant in England. Epid. Trop. 99, 1987, 373-377.
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Compton 746F129 C41987-12-12:129-4.101.00inquire