Roumanica LM 294 1977

The strain was isolated in 1966 from a house mouse (Mus musculus) in Roumania by a working group of the Institute of Hygiene in Iasi (Nicolescu, 1976). In this paper the serovar name iassy is used although in the same paper there is a table summarizing the results of factor analysis carried out by Kmety (submitted by correspondence) in which the name roumanica is given. The first complete valid description including the serovar name Roumanica was given only in 1977 when Kmety published his results of his factor analysis studies of the Hebdomadis serogroup. Since this is considered as the first valid description, the serovar name Roumanica with reference strain LM 294 has been accepted by the TSC (Manchester, 1986). In this paper Kmety suggests to place the serovar in the subgroup Wolffi of the newly established serogroup Sejroe.
* Nicolescu M., Straton A., Alamita I. Unusual and new Leptospira hebdomadis serotypes isolated from small wild rodents in Romania. Arch. Roum. Path. Exp. Microbiol. 35, 3, 1976, 203-211.
* Kmety E. Studium antigennej structury leptospir. Klasifikacia serologickej skupiny Hebdomadis. Folia Fac. Med. Univ. Comenianae Bratisl. XV., 2, 1977, 245-309.
* TSC meeting, 1986, Manchester: Minutes. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 37, 1987, 472-473.

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LM 294F13 C31997-12-16:13-3.100.50add to cart
LM 294F13 C1931997-10-28:13-193.100.50add to cart
LM 294F16 C281999-06-01:16-28.300.50add to cart
LM 294F16 C1402002-04-01:16-140.400.50inquire
LM 294F16 C3271997-12-16:16-327.31600.50inquire
LM 294F21 C21998-10-03:21-2.351200.50add to cart
LM 294F22 C11998-10-03:22-1.66400.50add to cart
LM 294F22 C61998-10-03:22-6.200.50add to cart
LM 294F35 C101998-10-03:35-10.26400.50add to cart
LM 294F38 C201998-10-03:38-20.5800.50add to cart
LM 294F38 C242002-04-01:38-24.500.50add to cart
LM 294F50 C31997-12-16:50-3.400.50inquire
LM 294F106 C11998-10-03:106-1.31600.50add to cart
LM 294F106 C91999-03-26:106-9.300.50add to cart
LM 294F22 C21983-02-11:22-2.251201.00add to cart
LM 294F38 C131983-10-10:38-13.101.00add to cart
LM 294F106 C51995-06-01:106-5.351202.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C21987-11-19:127-2.101.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C41987-11-17:127-4.102.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C101987-11-23:127-10.101.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C121987-11-17:127-12.101.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C131987-11-19:127-13.102.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C141987-11-19:127-14.101.00add to cart
LM 294F127 C161987-11-19:127-16.102.00add to cart
LM 294F128 C121987-12-13:128-12.1802.00add to cart
LM 294F128 C151987-12-06:128-15.1802.00add to cart
LM 294F128 C161987-12-02:128-16.1402.00add to cart
LM 294F50 C51984-05-10:50-5.202.00add to cart
LM 294F56 C31985-02-15:56-3.102.00add to cart