Atlantae LT 81 1960

The strain was isolated in 1955 from the kidney of an opossum (Didelphis marsupialis) in the state Georgia, United States, by Galton et al. (1957). Although in this paper some serological differences from other members of the Tarassovi serogroup are reported, the strain was not described as a new serovar. Only Wolff and Bohlander (1960) studied the strain and proved that it represents a new serovar, which they named atlantae, with reference strain LT 81.
* Galton M.M., Powers D.K., McKeever S., Gorman G.W. Identification of two leptospiral serotypes new to the United States. Publ. Hlth. Rep. 72, 5, 1957, 431-435.
* Wolff J.W., Bohlander H.J. Serological classification of five strains of leptospires belonging to the Hyos serogroup. Trop. Geogr. Med. 12, 2, 1960, 173-179.

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