Manzhuang A 23 1988

The strain was isolated in 1962 from the blood of a patient in Mengla, Yunnan Province, China and was described as a new serovar of the Hebdomadis group by Zhang Fang-heng et al. (1988). It has been included in the attached updated list, but it has not yet been confirmed by a RL. Therefore the serovar has been given provisional status (+).
+ Provisional status; serovars validly described but not yet confirmed by serological typing results of a Reference (Ref.) Laboratory (Lab.) even as the original description was based on the typing results of a Ref. Lab.
* Zhang Fang-zheng, Zhou Chao-yi, Wang Xiu-ying: A new leptospiral serovar in the Hebdomadis serogroup. Acta Microbiol. Sinica 28, 4, 1988, 367-370.

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A 23F16 C1402002-04-01:16-140.46400.50inquire
A 23F38 C242002-04-01:38-24.500.50add to cart
A 23F22 C21983-02-11:22-2.201.00add to cart
A 23F38 C131983-10-10:38-13.101.00add to cart
A 23F106 C51995-06-01:106-5.302.00add to cart
A 23F13 C31997-12-16:13-3.100.50add to cart
A 23F13 C1931997-10-28:13-193.13200.50add to cart