Hebdomadis serogroup - 1918

During the TSC meeting in Boston in 1982 (Minutes 1984) it was agreed that the large Hebdomadis serogroup should be divided into 3 separate groups, viz. Hebdomadis, Sejroe, and Mini. The new Hebdomadis group now contains 12 serovars, including three new ones Goiano, Sanmartini and Manzhuang. After the list of 1988 was published, serovar Manzhuang was described, and has now been added to the attached updated serovar list.
On the basis of the results of factor analysis two sub-serogroups (subgroups) were suggested (Dikken and Kmety, 1978) viz. subgroup Hebdomadis containing serovars Hebdomadis, Kambale, Nona and Maru and subgroup Borincana with serovars Borincana, Worsfoldi, Jules, Kabura, Kremastos and Goiano. The serovars Sanmartini and Manzhuang have not yet been studied by factor analysis.
* TSC Meeting, 1982, Boston, Minutes. Int J Syst Bacteriol 34, 1984, 258-259.
* Dikken H, Kmety E. Serological typing methods of leptospires. Methods in Microbiol, 11, 1978, 260-295.
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