Yunnan A10 1988

The strain was isolated in 1962 from the blood of a patient in Mengla County, China, and described as a new serovar of the enlarged Hebdomadis group by Zhang Fang-zheng et al., 1988. Because of its close relationship with members of the Mini group, it was placed in that group. The serovar got "provisional status" as it has not yet been confirmed by a RL (+). This was accepted by the TSC (Osaka, 1990).
+ Provisional status; serovars validly described but not yet confirmed by serological typing results of a Reference (Ref.) Laboratory (Lab.) even as the original description was based on the typing results of a Ref. Lab.
* Zhang Fang-zheng, Zhou Chao-yi, Wang Xiu-ying. A new leptospiral serovar in the Hebdomadis serogroup. Acta Microbiol. Sinica 28, 4, 1988, 367-370.
* TSC meeting, 1990, Osaka: Minutes. Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 42, 1992, 330-334.
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