Mini serogroup - 1941

The Mini group, the third group to be separated from the previous Hebdomadis serogroup has been enlarged to 9 serovars by the addition of serovars Ruparupae, Hekou and Yunnan. Serovar Ruparupae was already included in the Revised List of 1988. The Chinese serovars Hekou and Yunnan are recently published and therefore only now included in the attached updated list of serovars. Their serovar status has yet to be confirmed by a RL and they are therefore given provisional status (+).
In the 1967 list of serovars Beye and Tabaquite were included with unpublished references, under the strain numbers LT 844 and TVRL 34056 respectively. These have now been changed to 1537U and TVRL 3214 according to the designations given in the original publication of Sulzer et al. (1982).
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