Pyrogenes serogroup - 1923

The group was originally designated Australis B by Alston and Broom (1958). In the WHO list of 1959 the name was changed to Pyrogenes. Since the publication of the WHO list of 1967 the group has been extended by the official recognition of the following serovars: Camlo, Guaratuba, Princestown, Kwale, and Varela. However, because of some typing discrepancies that have recently come to light serovar Camlo has now been included only tentatively (marked ++) in the attached updated list of serovars. Two new serovars, Menglian and Nigeria, represented by strain S 621 and strain Vom respectively were described after the publication of the 1988 list and they have now been included in the attached updated list of serovars.
++ Strains which have given rise to controversial typing results but which were validly described.
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